Hay Bale Prices

Hay Bale Prices 2021 ? After the form of wheat, barley, millet, alfalfa, corn, oats and herbs planted in the agricultural area, the seeds of the plant are removed and the remaining stems/hay are connected with a baler machine.

Hay bales are made of wheat, barley, oats, rice, etc. it is obtained by compressing/packing the remaining parts of the plant through a baling machine after separating the grains from their spikes(grains).

Because this winter is both a seasonal and agricultural drought, straw prices will increase greatly in the summer of 2021 and winter of 2022. Because there are no rains in the Konya region, wheat cultivation was scarce. Anatolia will certainly have a shortage of hay bales this summer. We have to start producing alternatives now.

Preliminary Bale prices will increase greatly in 2021-2022 and there will be big gains.

Bales of alfalfa, millet and Yesil wheat will also receive their share of price increases during this period. My farmer brothers should be careful, especially those who do animal husbandry.

Hay Bale Prices
Hay Bale Prices

Thracian Hay Bales Prices

Kırklareli, Edirne and Tekirdağ Region 1 Bale price is around 20 TL. 1-2 months will be higher straw prices. When April yesiland and green wheat come out, prices will fall. Winter rains have been good. But April March and March rains are more needed for wheat.

I have 100 acres of wheat. Kirklareli Dolhan Village For Sale Of Hay.

Konya Hay Bales Prices

Konya has also had a dry season this year, prices have increased. Prices around £ 20. By summer and 2021, prices will go through the roof.

The Bale business is profitable. In the summer, I tied 1 Bale for $ 3.25 and stored it. Currently, prices are 20 TL. 100 bales cost £ 325. Currently, there is money in 100 bales of 2000 TL bales.

How much are the prices of straw in Thrace ? Hay bales for sale ?
From the owner of hay sellers, Diyarbakir bale hay sellers, Adana last-minute sap prices, how many kilograms of hay bales? How much are dust straw prices?

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