What is straw? Legumes or wheat harvest time dried and mowed with a harvester after the spike is taken dry parts of the stem. Large head and small head are used as animal feed, especially for grazing-fed animals such as cows, horses, sheep and goats. Herbs that grow and green in summer are cut by farmers and baled and stored in winter. 25 -30 Kg Baler / packaging is made with Baler machine.

In this video, the Harvester mows wheat. He mows the wheat and the stalk yield is very high.

It is a must-have product in animal husbandry. It is the most important feed for feeding and keeping animals full. It is mixed with a mixture called other ground splitting.

Also straws are used as raw materials in factories for paper production.

Straw prices are 1 kg 1 Tl.

How much is 1 ton of hay? It has a price between 700 and 1000 Tl.

How much hay comes out of 1 acre? It averages 7-8 bales. 25 kg x 8 = 200 kg of straw comes out.
What can be used instead of straw? Bale of Clover, corn shavings, beet pulp, green wheat, bale of Yesil.
What is wheat straw? Wheat is mowed in June. When mowing, the wheat in the ears is taken. These stems are called wheat straw.

Grass straw is the grain seed and leaf content that determines its quality. Farmers try to mow the grass before the seeds are fully formed, but when the leaves are most abundant. Cut herbs are left on the ground and most of the moisture in them is evaporated, but the leaves are not allowed to dry completely so that they can be easily collected and baled with machines.

Bale of grass is very sensitive to weather. During drought, both seeds and leaves become puny, straw is obtained with a High STEM ratio and low nutritional value. If the air is too humid, the handle can rot before it is baled. Or, after baling, the handle can rot and mold, and some toxins can form in it that can make animals sick. The straw must be stored in such a way that it does not get wet. Mold and decay can reduce its nutritional value and make animals sick.

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