Hay bale dimensions

What are the hay bale dimensions? It’s not like a factory-made tape system. It depends on the type of straw. A baler does not bind each Bale as 25 kg. 24 Kg – 26 Kg as. Also, if the Bale length is 125 cm, it is not 125 every time, sometimes 123 cm, sometimes 127 cm.

The size of the Bale varies according to the form. The industrial type is separate to be given to animals.

In short, bales don’t come out with a net weight and measure like a water bottle.

There are bales that are shaped like rectangles and bales that are shaped like cylinders. Small bales in the form of a prism of rectangles with 2 or 3 strings-strings, large bales (250 to 500 kg.) Can be found as a 4-5-6 drawstring.

There are also types of bales that are tied with metal wire, polypropylene rope, or organic (flax-like) rope. Sizes in small; width 35-50 cm, height 80-130 cm and height 35-45 cm in large; height:70-80-90 width:120 height 220 to 300 cm. it can range from.

500 kg. hay bale dimensions:: 230 cm x 110 cm x 80 cm
250 kg hay bale dimensions: 120 cm x 110 cm x 70 cm
25 kg hay bale dimensions: 35 cm x 45 cm x 125 cm

How much does 1 Bale weigh?

There are bales from 23 Kg to 35 Kg. This kg adjustment is made from the baler.

There are bales that are connected with nylon for protection in case of emergency rain in summer.

Straw prices in the first months of 2021, an average of 1 kilo of straw is sold as 1 Turkish lira. Considering that 1 kg Bale is 25 kg, the price of 1 Bale is 25 TL.

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